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 Gotei 13 Data

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PostSubject: Re: Gotei 13 Data   Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:06 pm

Disclaimer: Kubo Tite notes that
these personal statistics are meant to show an individual character's
personal allocation of skill. It is not meant for comparing two or more
characters using the statistics alone to ascertain which is stronger.
In short, the numbers for each character are not necessarily equivalent
to the numbers of the other characters.

1st Division Captain: Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni

The steadfast center of all, possessed and untouchable.

Personal Data
Birthdate: 21st Jan
Height: 168cm
Weight: 52kg
Zanpakutou: Ryuujinjakka
Command to release: "Turn everything to ashes, Ryuujinjakka" or "banshou issai kaijin to nase, Ryuujinjakka"
Squad flower: Chrysanthemum (representing realism and purity)
Colour of the underside of captain's robe: "royal" purple
Interest: Tea session held once a month
Speciality: Rubdown with a dry towel
Food: Likes all kinds of Japanese cuisine. Dislikes Western food
How to pass free time: expose to the sun at the balcony

Battle stats
Power: 100
Defence: 100
Mobility: 100
Kidou/Reiatsu: 100
Wisdom: 100
Stamina: 60

The chief captain's abilities are overpowering in most aspects, but due to old age, his stamina might have declined somewhat...

Character description
Commanding all of the Gotei 13 squads, Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni is
captain of the first division. This is the squad where rigorous members
governed by a will for task accomplishment gather.

"I won't forgive those who obstruct justice."
The Head Captain respects those who believe in 'justice'. He puts
priority on that above all other things, and believes that it's best to
practice being just in your day to day life. People who violate those
teachings can expect an unimaginably painful punishment.

The battle worn veteran positioned on the top rung of Gotei 13 squads.
Although as a person who possessed an air of dignity and commanded his
squad with much strictness, his interest in the monthly tea session was
an unexpected side of his personality.

Special Information (Top Secret)
Hosts the monthly tea session that gathers all first division members
in their division quarters. Though Yachiru attends the tea session
also, she only eats the snacks and returns soon after. Plaits his own
beard. Arranges his beard's ends once per month.

Lieutenant: Sasakibe Choujirou

A man of few words, this lieutenant can always be found beside the
Head Captain. In all of the Protection Divisions, these two are the
most famous pair, and it seems like their favorite foods aren't the
only things they disagree on...

Personal Data
Birthday: 4th November
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 66 kg
Zanpakutou: Gonryoumaru
Command to release: Pierce, 'Gonryoumaru'
Interest: Cultivating black tea
Speciality: Fencing
Food: Loves all Western-style foods and hates Japanese food.
How to pass free time: Working to learn more about Western culture

Special Notes (Top Secret)
Long ago in the physical world, he saw an English gentleman who he
secretly admired. Ever since, he has frequently gone to the physical
world to bring back tea leaves for his black tea, but he still isn't
very good at brewing it. Over his shihakusho, he wears a mantle like
the one that he saw that English gentleman wearing. He made it himself.

The Elite Group that leads the 13 Divisions
The 1st Division, commanded by Head Captain Yamamoto, whose leadership
unites all 13 Divisions, seeks out soldiers who can serve as an example
for every other division. Being assigned to the 1st Division is a great

The Head Captain sits calmly in the center of the assembled captains.
Among the 13 Protection Divisions, the Head Captain's orders are

In emergency situations, being able to make quick decisions takes guts.
You need to be able to act quickly on your instincts before orders can
be given. This is where the 1st Division's abilities really shine

The shinigami training agency: The Central Spiritual Arts Academy
Two thousand years ago, the Head Captain established an educational
institution to train shinigami. At this place, great numbers of Covert
Ops and kidou users were shaped into soldiers of the 13 Divisions on
their graduation. Occasionally, people still call it by its former
name, the Governing Institute.

The two captains
Captain Ukitake and Captain Kyouraku were the first of the Spiritual
Arts Academy's graduates to become captains, and as such are the
pinnacle of achievement, excellent examples for the students.


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PostSubject: Re: Gotei 13 Data   Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:07 pm

2nd Division Captain: Soifon

If you turn, you'll see nothing but a fading afterimage

Personal Data
Birthdate: 11th Feb
Height: 150cm
Weight: 38kg
Zanpakutou: Suzumebachi
Command to release: "Kill all enemies, Suzumebachi" or "jinteki shakusetsu, Suzumebachi"
Squad flower: Nodding Anemone (desires nothing)
Colour of the underside of captain's robe: amber
Interest: collecting cat accessories
Speciality: assassination
Food: Likes fish. Dislikes meat.
How to past free time: Dream of the days which she and Yoruichi fought together, practising Shunkou

Battle stats
Power: 80
Defence: 60
Mobility: 100
Kidou/Reiatsu: 60
Wisdom: 60
Stamina: 100

Her small build allows for great speed, coupled with her high attacking power and also a top class stamina. Formidable.

Character description
Soifon held both the post of head of the secret mission squad as well
as captain of the 2nd division. For this reason, the 2nd division had
many members that are skilled in carrying out secret missions. This
battle-tuned division has high combat abilities.

"I'm not interested in right and wrong, or good and evil; I will kill my opponent, and that is that."
Captain Soifon considers fulfilling the orders she's been given to be
the utmost priority. She'll have no mercy on anyone who interferes with
fulfilling her orders, whether they're her own subordinates or other
ranking officers. She's the kind of person who can cool-headedly take
in an opponent and think of nothing other than destroying them.
Soldiers, be very careful.

Captain Soifon hailed from the Fon family that specialized in
executions and assassinations. According to some rumours, she has been
collecting cat accessories lately...

Special Information (Top Secret)
Calm, collected, person of a few words and cool. Only when it comes to
Yoruichi, her personality will have an extreme change, otherwise, this
is not known to other squad members. Soifon has got many admirers from
both the second squad and the secret mission squad, and a fan club even
exists. As to how the news of Soi Fon collecting cat accessories of
late got leaked out, it could be attributed to the regular deliveries
of cat accessories to the 2nd division quarters.

Lieutenant: Oomaeda Marechiyo

His full name is Oomaeda Nikkou Tarouemon Yoshi Ayamenosuke
Marechiyo. On his days off he likes to take commoners to his house and
entertain them. For some reason his younger sister is incredibly

Personal Data
Birthday: 5th May
Height: 210 cm
Weight: 151 kg
Zanpakutou: Gegetsubari
Command to release: Smash them, 'Gegetsubari'
Interest: Making braclets
Speciality: Marechiyo Chop
Food: Loves fried rice crackers. Hates fish.
How to pass free time: Inviting Commoners to his house

Special Notes (Top Secret)
His family is very wealthy. Because of that, he's reconstructing the
2nd division offices out of his own pocket. So that the 2nd division is
ready anytime Yoruichi comes to visit, every room in the division
office has had its floors replaced with wall-to-wall floor heaters,
motion-detecting automatic doors, and efficient air conditioning. When
he makes bracelets, he prefers to craft them out of gold. The bracelets
he wears are ones he made for himself. He's also currently the
president of the Oomaeda Jewels metal factory. If any of his employees
are late, they get to feel the blazing power of the Marechiyo Chop.

Lightning speed! The swiftness of the white strike division
The white strike refers to the strategy of using your opponent's body
as a weapon against themselves. With incredibly high speed, you can
draw out your opponent and overwhelm them. Captain Soifon is extremely
skilled at this form of combat, and so the 2nd division is composed of
soldiers who use white strike.

Elite battle technique: Shunkou ((instant cry))
Shunkou is a secret technique that combines the hand-to-hand battle
style of the white strike and the magical arts battle style of kidou.
With this extremely high-strength technique, you use kidou to strike at
your opponent's arms and legs. Shunkou is Captain Soifon's trump card
when she is ready to defeat an enemy once and for all.

The Punishment Corp Commander's Battle Uniform
The Punishment Corp commander wears a uniform into battle that clearly
speaks of mercilessness. There is no back or cloth over the shoulders
in an unusual feature, but this is because when shunkou is activated, a
high concentration of kidou builds up there that blows away the cloth
in those areas. Therefore, there's... a lot of exposed skin.

The Secret Behind-the-Scenes Squad: The Covert Ops
One of the Three Great Forces under the direct control of the Central
46 Chambers (the 13 Protection Divisions, the Kidou Brigade, and the
Covert Ops). While the 13 Protection Divisions are the unit that does
all the official work, the Covert Ops is responsible for patrolling
enemy territory and observing their actions, as well as executing and
assassinating shinigami who have broken the law; they undertake a lot
of "underworld" missions that are extremely confidential. Their
appearance is unusual, with every member wearing a black uniform to
hide their bodies.

Shihouin Yoruichi, the previous Supreme Commander of the Covert Ops
The 22nd head of the distinguished Shihouin family, which have been
said to have been granted the ability to craft "jewels" and "armor"
from Heaven itself. Once, she served as the Supreme Commander of the
Covert Ops, but she handed that responsibility over to the current
commander, Soifon.

The Yoruichi who commanded the Covert Ops had a straightforward personality that inspired faith in her troops.

All five squads of the special skill unit
Of the five squads of the Covert Ops, the first squad is the Punishment
Corp, which is the most elite. Each squad has a commander who gives
orders to the men in his squad, but the Punishment Corp is under the
direct control of the Supreme Commander of the Covert Ops, who
supervises all the squads and has authority over the lesser commanders.

Among the five squads, the one that takes the brunt of the missions
that require the use of physical force is the first squad, the
Punishment Corp; the one that gathers intelligence about areas that
border Seireitei is the second squad, the Patrol Division; and the one
that carries information to soldiers in the field is the fifth squad,
the Hidden Division. The Hidden Division is the most widely-known;
however, there is next to nothing known about the third and fourth
squads. They are still a mystery.

The first squad, the Punishment Corp
The combat team led by Soifon. Because they fight bare-handed they are
all adept at the usage of 'white strike', and they move without sound,
which enables them to undertake special espionage missions.

The fifth squad, the Hidden Division
When a matter involving highly-classified information must be conveyed,
this emergency messenger force undertakes the mission. The vast
majority of its members are flash step specialists.

The Covert Ops organization chart
The first squad: the Punishment Corp
The second squad: the Patrol Division
The third squad: unknown
The fourth squad: unknown
The fifth squad: the Hidden Division

Soifon and Yoruichi
Soifon and Yoruichi's clandestine meeting was a long time ago, more
than a hundred years back. When Soifon first laid eyes on Yoruichi's
noble splendor, she felt almost worshipful, and vowed to be by her side
from then on. Although after that some discord entered the picture,
those feelings have not changed, and their bond is still strong.

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PostSubject: Re: Gotei 13 Data   Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:09 pm

3rd Division Captain: Ichimaru Gin

--His smiles, they are an act of menace.

Personal Data
Birthdate: 10th Sep
Height: 185cm
Weight: 69kg
Zanpakutou: Shinsou
Command to release: "shoot him to death, Shinsou" or "ikorose, Shinsou"
Squad flower: marigold (despair)
Colour of the underside of captain's robe: light-bluish white
Interest: observing mortal beings
Speciality: threading needles
Food: Likes dried persimmons. Dislikes dried taro.
How to past free time: strolling

Battle stats
Power: 80
Defence: 80
Mobility: 80
Kidou/Reiatsu: 80
Wisdom: 80
Stamina: 80

All his abilities are within the comfortable range, hence he can be considered an all-rounder type.

Character description
The ever-present smile that clings on the face is the impression
everyone have of Captain Ichimaru. Even with his mild mannerisms, he
does not reveal his true intentions making the atmosphere uncomfortable
even if he approaches slightly. How to put it... it's just scary.

"I was just taking a walk... Looking for a little trouble."
When he has free time, Captain Ichimaru goes on walks around Seireitei.
Although his hobby is people-watching, it seems like maybe he's hunting
around and searching for an opportunity to create mischief with some
poor victim... The gentlemen of the 3rd division are contrary, and they
have the kind of attitude that enjoys that mean-spiritedness.

Captain Ichimaru was a former 5th division member, serving under
Captain Aizen as his vice-captain. He is always a bosom friend to
Captain Aizen.

Special Information (Top Secret)
Dried persimmon has always been his favourite food since childhood.
There are persimmon trees in the 3rd division quarters which Gin
actually grows himself. Once they bear fruit, he would distribute them
to other squads. He mistook dried taro for dried persimmon on one
occasion and ate it, thus resulting in his dislike for dried taro.

Lieutenant: Kira Izuru

The kind of lieutenant whose loyalty would not begrudge risking his
life for his captain. However, he hates the dried persimmons that
Captain Ichimaru likes.

Personal Data
Birthday: 7th March
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Zanpakutou: Wabisuke
Command to release: Raise your head, 'Wabisuke'
Interest: Haiku
Speciality: Cat's cradle
Food: Loves seaweed jelly. Hates dried persimmons.
How to pass free time: Attending his haiku club and working as a special lecturer at the Spirit Arts Academy

Special Notes (Top Secret)
Several years ago, he received an award for a haiku he submitted in the
September edition of the Seireitei News. ("Persimmons have bloomed -
ah, alas, this year as well - persimmons have bloomed.") More recently,
that magazine has just begun publishing a series of his haiku called "I
want to apologize to you." He's also had two books of haiku poetry
published. He gets along very well with fellow writer Hisagi Shuuhei.

A mixture of lies and truths?! The mysterious division.
With a constantly distant demeanor, Captain Ichimaru seems to speak in
riddles. No one really knows how many members of the 3rd Division have
become victims of his cruelty. In one's own opinion, it seems as if
they should welcome taking instruction from Lieutenant Kira instead.

Unreadable intentions.
During the chaos of the ryoka intrusion, Captain Ichimaru committed an
immense blunder in letting the ryoka he encountered slip through his
fingers. With the force of a captain, it shouldn't have been difficult
for him to at the least capture them...

The Weight of the Past: Gin and Rangiku
Childhood friends who spent every day together, Captain Ichimaru and
the 10th division's Lieutenant Matsumoto enrolled at around the same
time. When Lieutenant Matsumoto was dying of hunger, Captain Ichimaru
gently offered her some dried persimmons. Since then, they both have
loved dried persimmons, according to the rumors.

The final apology.
Just before his whereabouts were lost, Captain Ichimaru left behind
these words for Lieutenant Matsumoto. What was the real reason for this

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PostSubject: Re: Gotei 13 Data   Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:09 pm

4th Division Captain: Unohana Retsu

Pure compassion

Personal Data
Birthdate: 21st Apr
Height: 159cm
Weight: 45kg
Zanpakutou: Minazuki
Colour of the underside of captain's robe: grayish pink
Squad flower: bellflower (liking the mourning sovereign)
Interest: Ikebana (flower arrangement)
Speciality: Kendo (sword-fighting)
Food: Likes strong flavoured food. Dislikes bland tasting food.
How to past free time: mountain climbing that involves collecting medicinal herbs

Battle stats
Power: 100
Defence: 80
Mobility: 70
Kidou/Reiatsu: 100
Wisdom: 100
Stamina: 90

Though she has few opportunities to fight at the front line, her
offensive skills are nevertheless high! If angered, she could possibly
be the most scary captain...

Character description
The only division in the battle-based Gotei 13 squads that specialises
in healing and reinforcement and this is the 4th division. Positioned
at the rear, the 4th division is in charge of rescuing and healing
injured squad members.

"Soon, I will also... go forth to the battlefield."
Captain Unohana is a woman overflowing with wisdom, whose judgment is
always rational. During the disturbance caused by the ryoka invasion a
little while ago, she maintained her composure throughout it all and
commanded her troops reasonably. And even battle can't make this heroic
woman waver.

With polite mannerisms, she could verbally knock down even the
most rustic people who do not listen to words. The mismatch with the
mild impression she presents to others is her speciality in

Special Information (Top Secret)
During her off-duty days, she would climb the mountains located in the
various zones in Rukongai. As she has been spotted flying on Minazuki
by eye witnesses on several occasions, whether she climbed the
mountains on her own or not, is a mystery. As she has an interest in
flower arrangement, she would gather the 4th division members once a
month for ikebana classes (attendance is voluntary). Yachiru also
participates in these sessions however, she only eats the snacks given
out during breaktimes and after which, she returns to her squad.

Lieutenant: Kotetsu Isane

Captain Unohana's lieutenant is perpetually one step behind her, a
toweringly tall figure always willing to assist. The third-seat of the
13th division, Kotetsu Kiyone, is her sister.

Personal Data
Birthdate: 2nd August
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Zanpakutou: Itegumo
Command to release: Run, 'Itegumo'
Interest: Ikebana
Speciality: Sewing
Food: Loves Rice gruel. Hates fist paste.
How to pass free time: Going to visit Kiyone

Special Notes (Top Secret)
When Isane has time off, she goes to see Kiyone, and when Kiyone has
time off, she goes to see Isane. They're very close sisters who enjoy
meeting up and having fun together. Recently, her favorite place to
hang out is the Kuchiki estate, in the "secret base of the Shinigami
Women's Association". She likes rice gruel. If she could have rice
gruel for every meal of the day, she'd be happy. When her height first
surpassed 170cm, she thought, "I don't want to get any taller than
this!" and so she started to eat rice gruel because it has no
nutrients. Her present height is 187cm.

The relief corp that bears the weight of their fellow soldier's lives.
Soldiers of the other divisions use their spiritual power to assist
them in combat, but the 4th division possess spiritual power in order
to perform healing. That special ability and their routine training
gives them the ability to act swiftly, so that they can cooperate and
apply fast relief when casualties break out.

The members of the 4th division: A glance at their important soldiers
Because they claim that the 4th division is "weak," the 11th division
despises them, and since they get pressed into doing all the cleaning
and other odd jobs, you have to feel a little sorry for them. But they
persevere; they won't be defeated by that sort of adversity.

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PostSubject: Re: Gotei 13 Data   Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:10 pm

5th Division Captain: Aizen Sousuke

With a face like a ray of sunlight.

Personal Data
Birthdate: 29th May
Height: 186cm
Weight: 74kg
Zanpakutou: Kyoukasuigetsu
Command to release: "Shatter, Kyoukasuigetsu" or "kudakero, Kyoukasuigetsu"
Squad flower: lily of the valley (Sacrifice, peril, pure love "Let the two of us take on a journey together")
Colour of the underside of captain's robe: light green
Interest: reading books
Speciality: calligraphy
Food: Likes tofu (beancurd). Dislikes boiled eggs.
How to past free time: reading, special lecturer in the Reijutsu-in (Seiretei Academy?)

Battle stats
Power: 100
Defence: 90
Mobility: 90
Kidou/Reiatsu: 100
Wisdom: 100
Stamina: 80

All his abilities are in the high range. His overall abilities are no doubt top class even among the Gotei 13 squad captains.

Character description
Whether it was the influence of their captain, Aizen Sousuke's mild
nature, or it's their own nature, the 5th division gives a very gentle
aura to their surroundings. Nonetheless, in terms of battle prowess,
they learn from their captain who is good at everything, thus the
overall prowess of the squad members are also quite high.

"You shouldn't underestimate me."
Ordinarily Captain Aizen is mild, however, in the event of an emergency
in the Soul Society, that attitude turns completely around, and his
gaze becomes sharp and discerning. Inside he hides an intense
willpower, and he holds the unconditional faith of all his soldiers.

As Captain Aizen was non-discriminating and treated everyone as
equal, he was well trusted and admired by his squad members. He was
also an excellent calligraphy lecturer.

Special Information (Top Secret)
Special lecturer for calligraphy in Reijutsu-in. Calligraphy classes
are also held once a month in the 5th division for the squad members to
learn the basics. Although calligraphy is an optional subject in
Reijutsu-in, participation rate in this subject exceeds 100% and it is
so popular that students are willing to sit on the corridors for their
lectures. With his sudden disappearance lately, there are many students
who voiced their desire for Aizen sensei to return soon.

Lieutenant: Hinamori Momo

A lovely lieutenant who greatly admires her captain. That
affectionate nature makes her very popular among the other divisions.
Yes, definitely.

Personal Data
Birthdate: 3rd June
Height: 151 cm
Weight: 39 kg
Zanpakutou: Tobiume
Command to release: Burst, 'Tobiume'
Interest: Reading
Speciality: Drawing
Food: Loves peaches. Hates plums.
How to pass free time: Going to visit the old woman in Rukongai and reading at the library

Special Notes (Top Secret)
Her hobby is reading. She seems to have gotten into the habit of
borrowing the books that Aizen has finished, so nowadays in her spare
time she can frequently be found coming and going from the library.
She's good at drawing, and is in charge of illustrations for the
Seireitei News. She also often spends time in the 4th division's
ikebana classroom.

A heartwarming division with an at-home atmosphere.
The 5th division has been raised to have a gentle atmosphere, where
every member gets along well with one another. While the captain's
whereabouts are currently unknown, that unity keeps the division
working together to get through this difficult time. Good luck!!

The former soldiers of the 5th.
Among the current captains and lieutenants of the 13 Protection
Divisions, many were soldiers of the 5th division in the past. You
could say that the 5th division excels at nurturing soldiers of immense

Captain Ichimaru of the 3rd division was formerly the lieutenant of the
5th division, assisting Captain Aizen. Also, Captain Tousen of the 9th
division was one of Aizen's subordinates when Aizen was a lieutenant.
Three of the acting lieutenants from other divisions have also come
from the 5th division. Abarai Renji passed from the 11th division to
become the lieutenant of the 6th division, and Kira Izuru assumed the
seat of the 3rd division's lieutenant.

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PostSubject: Re: Gotei 13 Data   Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:10 pm

6th Division Captain: Kuchiki Byakuya

In his eyes dwells reason...

Personal Data
Birthdate: 31st Jan
Height: 180cm
Weight: 64kg
Zanpakutou: Senbonzakura
Command to release: "Scatter, Senbonzakura" or "chire, Senbonzakura"
Bankai: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi
Squad flower: Camellia (Noble rationality)
Colour of the underside of captain's robe: blue
Interest: night stroll
Speciality: calligraphy
Food: Likes spicy food. Dislikes sweet food.
How to past free time: taking part in the gathering of the four
greatest clans, activities like reading or calligraphy, that calms the

Battle stats
Power: 90
Defence: 80
Mobility: 90
Kidou/Reiatsu: 90
Wisdom: 90
Stamina: 70

Offensive-related stats are high, showing Captain Kuchiki's inclination towards combat. These abilities are flawless.

Character description
Captain Kuchiki is the model person for all Shinigami, thus under his
command, the severity of the regulations within the 6th division is
well known....however, the frankness and magnamity of the vice-captain
seem to act as a counter-balance in the division.

"If we do not abide by the rules, then who will?"
Captain Kuchiki strives for a detached existence as a noble, and he
believes in complying with the law. Even when his sister-in-law Rukia
was going to be executed, this belief did not change.

The 28th Head of one of the four greatest clans - the Kuchiki clan,
also the adopted elder brother of Kuchiki Rukia who belongs to the 13th
division, he might appear cold but in essence, he is a warm-hearted

Special Information (Top Secret)
The Kuchiki House is built on such a large area that, there is even a
stream that flows in front of Byakuya's personal room, specially for
him. Right at the entrance of the House, there is a pond with pedigree
carps that are cared for over the generations. The carps are three
times larger than normal carps, with shiny golden scales and are very
rare. Lately, the number of carps are dwindling, from ten carps to
four. Amongst the servants, they dub this phenomenon as the "mystery of
the Kuchiki household". In actual fact, they were secretly stolen by
Yachiru during the night and she presented them to Ukitake as get-well
gifts, and releasing them into the pond at Ugendou (Ukitake's place).
She humoured Ukitake saying, "Lately, the number of big carps has

Lieutenant: Abarai Renji

In sharp contrast to Captain Kuchiki, the lieutenant is the type of
hot-blooded man who gives his emotions preference. He's low-bred due to
his Rukongai background, but at his core he's got a big brother's
spirit, brimming with compassion. He and Lady Rukia have a childhood

Personal Data
Birthdate: 31st August
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Zanpakutou: Zabimaru
Command to release: Howl, Zabimaru
Interest: Collecting goggles
Speciality: 5-man soccer
Food: Loves Taiyaki. Hates spicy foods.
How to pass free time: Checking "The Silver Dragonfly's Lenses" for new arrivals

Special Notes (Top Secret)
His goggles have all been destroyed lately, and since he can't buy new
ones, he's taken to wearing a cloth around his head instead. But he
hasn't neglected going to the store to check for new arrivals. His
dream for the future is to be able to design his own goggles. He likes
soccer, so he made a team for the 6th division and they play intensely.
The team consists of Renji, Rikichi, the fourth-seat, the eighth-seat,
the thirteenth-seat, and a twentieth-seat goalkeeper.

An everyday scene in the division.
Of course the first foundation of a relationship is in one's greeting.
If a shinigami can't meet even such a simple expectation, they could
get kicked out of the 13 Protection Divisions. The 6th division
encourages always using proper greetings.

Renji often walks around quite naturally in his night-clothes. Since
this is a common sight, the female soldiers aren't disturbed by it.

Rikichi, soldier of the 6th division
A new recruit to the 6th division. He adores Lieutenant Renji, so to
get his attention, he got the same tattoo over his left eyebrow that
Renji has. In the confusion created by the ryoka invasion, he went to
help and support Renji when he was wounded.

Love of collecting: the Silver Dragonfly's Lenses
Renji buys his goggles from the most popular store in the business. He
goes there a lot, but since it's a very high-end store, he can only
look at most of the things there.

Items of interest (Top secret!)
Before Renji got his promotion to lieutenant, the lieutenant of the 6th
division was "Shirogane Ginjirou." Now he's the owner of a store called
the "Silver Dragonfly's Lenses." He started doing this work on the side
while he was a lieutenant, but when he started getting a lot of
business, he resigned from the position. Renji was selected to fill the
then-vacated seat. When Renji visited the store, Ginjirou said, "Ah, my
replacement!" and gave him a discount. But the prices were so high that
even with the discount, Renji couldn't afford to buy the goggles. The
Shinigami Men's Association get all their sunglasses from this store.
Ginjirou's daughter's name is Mihane. Ginjirou sent a pair of goggles
to Byakuya in honor of his former captain, but Byakuya returned them,
saying, "I don't want it." But the ex-lieutenant was not dissuaded, and
continues to frequently send goggles to the 6th division offices.

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7th Division Captain: Komamura Sajin

Unwavering loyalty

Personal Data
Birthdate: 23rd Aug
Height: 288cm
Weight: 301kg
Zanpakutou: Tenken
Bankai: Kokujyou Tengen Myou-ou
Squad flower: Iris (Courage)
Colour of the underside of captain's robe: brownish tan
Interest: looking after dogs
Speciality: talking to animals
Food: Likes meat. Dislikes carrots.
How to past free time: takes his dog, Goro, for a stroll

Battle stats
Power: 100
Defence: 100
Mobility: 40
Kidou/Reiatsu: 50
Wisdom: 80
Stamina: 100

Boasting an enormous physical stature, Captain Komamura
could use physical strength to hold down his opponents. A power fighter who fights openly without resorting to petty tricks.

Character description
Captain Komamura Sajin is a firm believer of loyalty. The
characteristic of his division is the tendency to attract sincere,
vigorous and stout fellows into their ranks.

"If he has righteousness on his side, then even dying for him would be righteous!"
Captain Komamura feels a strong sense of debt to the Head Captain, for
seeing beyond his outward appearance and accepting him for who he
really is. He has said that he would even sacrifice his own life to pay
back that debt.

Hidden under the metal helmet was his true countenance - a wolf's head.
After the unrest in Soul Society, although Captain Komamura has ceased
to shield his true face from the public's eyes, that has not changed
anything around him.

Special Information (Top Secret)
He might look like a dog but in fact he's a wolf. He likes mixed breed
dogs and kept a dog named Goro in the division quarters. As Goro and
Komamura shared the same communication wavelength, Goro was most
emotionally attached to him. As to why he hates carrots, in the past,
Komamura's dad told him, "this food is not for our kind", and ever
since, he has never tasted carrots once.

Lieutenant: Iba Tetsuzaemon

A lieutenant made easily recognizable by his characteristic
sunglasses and Hiroshima dialect. He loves Hiroshima from the bottom of
his heart, even obsessing over Hiroshima-style foods.

Personal Data
Birthdate: 18th July
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Command to release:
Interest: Collecting sunglasses
Speciality: Manliness
Food: Loves Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki. Hates Osaka-style okonomiyaki.
How to pass free time: Checking the "Silver Dragonfly's Lenses" for new arrivals

Special Notes (Top Secret)
The president of the Shinigami Men's Association. To encourage more
people to speak in a Hiroshima dialect, he invested his own money to
open the Hiroshima Dialect Cram School, but it closed due to lack of
attendance. Currently, he's in the process of writing "Overflowing with
Chivalry: the Hiroshima Dialect Cram School" for the Seireitei News's
feature, "Manly Silence."

A moral code of duty and humanity.
The captain and the lieutenant both intensely believe in living by a
strong sense of duty. That code is also popular among the lower-ranking
soldiers, thus building the respectful 7th Division's characteristic
moral code.

These chivalrous men respect honor above all else. In order to live by
their honor, they will offer their blades and even throw away their own
lives if they must to fulfill their duty.

The true face hidden beneath the iron helm
Captain Komamura had hidden his face by wearing an iron-reinforced
helmet up through the ryoka's invasion of Seireitei. He is often
mistaken for a dog, but the truth is that he's a wolf. In spite of
that, he absolutely loves small animals like dogs and cats.

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PostSubject: Re: Gotei 13 Data   Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:11 pm

8th Division Captain: Kyouraku Shunsui

If you're a fool either way, you might as well dance.

Personal Data
Birthdate: 11th Jul
Height: 192cm
Weight: 87kg
Zanpakutou: Katenkyoukotsu
Command to release: "the flowers quaver in the wind as the flower god
sings; the heavenly wind turns wild as the demon laughs" or "hanakaze
midarete kashin naki; tenpuu midarete tenma warau. Katenkyoukotsu"
Squad flower: Bird of paradise flower (having everything in your hands)
Colour of the underside of captain's robe: rose pink
Interest: frequenting drinking bars
Speciality: afternoon napping
Food: Likes steamed buns that go with sake. Dislikes powdered green tea.
How to past free time: drinking sessions with those who are resting on the same day

Battle stats
Power: 90
Defence: 90
Mobility: 90
Kidou/Reiatsu: 100
Wisdom: 90
Stamina: 70

His prowess is no doubt captain class; the only problem with him is his
nonchalent attitude that causes him to ease up during a fight.

Character description
As a favourite disciple of Genryuusai, Captain Kyouraku followed his
teacher's orders and took command of the 8th division. However, the
true authority in the division probably lies in the hands of the

"...It'll be over soon. Just a little playtime."
Seemingly detached from the world, Captain Kyouraku covers his true
feelings and tries not to talk about them a great deal. But there can
be no doubt that he, together with Captain Ukitake of the 13th
division, are both matchless in their valor and combat ability. Even
during the recent ryoka invasion, that unshakable self-confidence did
not falter. ...What on earth is Captain Kyouraku really like?!

Judging from his words, actions and his eccentricity, Captain Kyouraku
appears to be undignified. However, his quick-witted nature earns him
the comment, "superficial at a glance, but bears deep thoughts".

Special Information (Top Secret)
The romance novel, "Rose-coloured Path" that was published in the
Seireitei Communication was penned by him but it was unpopular to the
point that he received neither fan letters, nor birthday presents.
However, his photograph collection named, "Using Arms as My Pillow" had
an unexplainable sold-out popularity. According to him, "My little
kittens are shy creatures", hence he did not notice that the
serialization's ranking is amongst the lowest. Incidentally, the first
edition of "Using Arms as My Pillow" had lesser copies printed as
compared to photograph collections by other captains, and as to why it
was not reprinted now, he probably doesn't know too.

Lieutenant: Ise Nanao

A substitute for her captain, who habitually avoids doing any work,
she is an expert at the administrative work of running the division.

Personal Data
Birthdate: 7th July
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Command to release:
Interest: Reading
Speciality: Mathematics
Food: Loves Youkan. Hates green tea.
How to pass free time: Going to the library and shopping (hair clips)

Special Notes (Top Secret)
The vice president of the Shinigami Women's Association. She often
meets up with Hinamori at the library, and the two of them are reading
partners -- the kind of friends who read an interesting book, then talk
excitedly together about it. Even after Hinamori was hospitalized,
Nanao would come frequently to visit her and bring books to lend her.
In the Seireitei News she has a series running called "Please Don't Get
Carried Away," which has entered the top three most popular serials.
Every month she receives fan letters in vast quantities, and on her
birthday she gets countless gifts as well. "Please Don't Get Carried
Away" takes the reader's worries and frustrations and gives them voice.
It's popular among male readers.

Enjoy the springtime of this transient life!
Captain Kyouraku has arrived at a very simple motto for living life:
"Enjoy yourself." There's a rumor that once a week the soldiers of the
8th division are invited to come to a drinking party, but male soldiers
are forbidden, so in the end it's an entirely female gathering. It's a
very persistent rumor.

Drinking buddies.
It seems like on their days off, the soldiers of the 8th division and
Rangiku and her friends all drink together. It's surprising how many of
them get together.

Could it be, these two...: Nanao and Shunsui
Captain Kyouraku protected Lietuenant Ise when she was unconscious from
the Head Captain's spirit power, and carried her to a safe place far
from the field of battle; he is always showing concern for his aide
Nanao's safety in this way. It seems to go beyond what's expected of a
captain-lieutenant relationship... so to speak.

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PostSubject: Re: Gotei 13 Data   Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:12 pm

9th Division Captain: Tousen Kaname

A single ray of light within complete darkness.

Personal Data
Birthdate: 13th Nov
Height: 176cm
Weight: 61kg
Zanpakutou: Suzumushi
Command to release: "Cry out, Suzumushi" or "Nake, Suzumushi"
Bankai: Suzumushi Tsuishiki - Enma Kourogi
Squad flower: White poppy (Oblivion)
Colour of the underside of captain's robe: brownish orange
Interest: cooking
Speciality: cooking
Food: Likes chicken stewed with carrots, etc. Dislikes pickled food.
How to past free time: participates actively as an editorial member of the Seireitei Communication

Battle stats
Power: 70
Defence: 70
Mobility: 80
Kidou/Reiatsu: 90
Wisdom: 90
Stamina: 60

He is better suited for combat that requires intelligence and strategy than all out brawling.

Character description
The 9th division is not only in charge of defences in Seireitei but is
also the editiorial team for this Seireitei Communication. At present,
with Captain Tousen's location unknown, Vice-Captain Hisagi takes
charge of everything in the squad on behalf of his captain.

"I have no grudge against you. But in the name of peace, I must end you."
One of the captains of the 13 protection divisions, Captain Tousen
bears the heavy weight of deciding when and why to send his division to
battle. But because he doesn't like conflict, he believes that supreme
justice can only be found in bringing peace and stability to the world.
The one man he can never get along with is Captain Zaraki of the 11th
division; the two are constantly at odds.

A blind warrior who abhors fights and quarrels and wishes only for
world peace and stability. Those who disrupt the peace in the world to
him are... unforgivable.

Special Information (Top Secret)
The 9th division takes charge of aspects of fine arts and manages every
publication of the Seireitei Communication, with Tousen acting as Chief
Editor. He himself writes a serialization named, "The Path of Justice".
With his power as chief editor, it does not matter whether this article
is well-received or not, it always has a corner in the publication for
good. Though his articles are always based on his cherished theme like,
"What is Justice?", his interest lately is devoted to cooking recipes,
with a recent article called, "Recipe of Justice", being published. It
is very well-received among the female Shinigami and his popularity
rose as a result.

Lieutenant: Hisagi Shuuhei

The 9th division relies upon this young man, who is kept extremely
busy by his responsibilities, editing the magazine, and his hobby of
practicing the guitar, and other such activities.

Personal Data
Birthdate: 14th August
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Command to release:
Interest: Music
Speciality: Cooking
Food: Loves Hot Dogs. Hates sea urchin.
How to pass free time: Practicing the guitar and serving as the editor for the Seireitei News

Special Notes (Top Secret)
Straight after graduating from the Spiritual Arts Academy, he was made
a seated officer, and while stationed in the physical world, he
discovered the guitar and brought one back with him. Since then, he's
been practicing, but he doesn't know how to play. To keep from annoying
other people, he goes into the mountains of Rukongai to practice. Among
the ryoka who invaded was one Sado Yasutora, who just happened to know
how to play the guitar. He more or less taught Shuuhei how to play.
Because Captain Tousen's whereabouts are unknown, Shuuhei must serve as
editor-in-chief in his place, and so he has fewer and fewer
opportunities to practice, but he still dreams of someday announcing to
everyone (mostly Rangiku) that he's starting a band. On a related note,
his new series, "Teach me! Shuuhei-sensei!!" has dropped below third
ranking for the first time, with tragic results. Rangiku submitted a
survey giving it a poor review, and after reading her survey he refused
to come out of the editor's office for three days.

He does nothing that does not advance the road to justice!!
Captain Tousen believes that the foundation of justice is in one's
behavior, in not fighting meaningless battles and in building up a
peaceful world. This idea is very popular among the soldiers of the 9th
division, and so the spilling of blood in unnecessary combat is
strictly forbidden among them.

An unshakable belief.
The reason that Captain Tousen lives for justice is because of a
beloved friend of his who died. No one sought peace more than she did--
up until she died. The captain stood in front of her grave and vowed to
travel the road of justice.

A well-rounded man skilled in both literary and military arts: Hisagi Shuuhei
Recognized for his talents from the time he was in the Central Academy
of the Spiritual Arts, Shuuhei was immediately awarded a position in
the 13 Protection Divisions, to the point of getting promoted to
lieutenant in a single stroke. Yet even Shuuhei was cornered by
Ayasegawa Yumichika, a member of the battle-specialist 11th division.
The next generation of the 13 Protection Divisions has a great deal of
remarkable talent!

Although his combat skill surpasses most, editing the "Seireitei News" is where Shuuhei's genius really shines.

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PostSubject: Re: Gotei 13 Data   Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:12 pm

10th Division Captain: Hitsugaya Toushirou

Freezing Passion

Personal Data
Birthdate: 20th Dec
Height: 133cm
Weight: 28kg
Zanpakutou: Hyourinmaru
Command to release: "Sit upon the frozen sky, Hyourinmaru" or "Souten ni zase, Hyourinmaru"
Bankai: Daiguren Hyourinmaru
Squad flower: Narcissus (Mystery and egoism)
Colour of the underside of captain's robe: dark green
Interest: afternoon napping
Speciality: spin tops
Food: Likes sweet nattou. Dislikes dried persimmons.
How to past free time: visits the granny's house at Rukongai; visits Jidanbou

Battle stats
Power: 80
Defence: 80
Mobility: 90
Kidou/Reiatsu: 90
Wisdom: 80
Stamina: 80

All his abilities are at high levels. As he is able to handle all kinds of battles, he is ever-present in important missions.

Character description
The 10th division is led by the child prodigy, Captain Hitsugaya
Toushirou. As his supervision reaches even the most obscure squad
members, every person under his jurisdiction works seriously (except
for the vice-captain).

"For making Hinamori bleed, I'll kill you!!!"
Captain Hitsugaya is extremely insightful and always makes calm and
rational judgments. In the recent incident, this unique perspective
made him the only person who could see the truth of the situation and
investigate further. However, when his childhood friend, Lieutenant
Hinamori of the 5th division, was in a crisis, his passion exploded
violently to the surface.

The child prodigy that was the youngest person in history to be made
captain. Needless to say for battles, he can handle administrative
tasks flawlessly too. His height increase is a cause of concern for his

Special Information (Top Secret)
Sweet nattou was the favourite dish of the granny living in Rukongai,
and having ate that in the past, he still likes it now. Sometimes, his
granny would send this dish to his division quarters. Jidanbou has
always been his friend. He is very skilled with spinning tops, and in
his childhood days, he was said to be undefeatable in the West Rukongai
1st Area, Juurin-an, where he used to live in. His enthusiasm in work
is due to his desire to complete work as quickly as possible so that he
can return to his room for an afternoon nap. He is a firm believer in
his granny's saying that, "a child who sleeps will grow up", hence he
carries out her words faithfully. Indeed the granny's child.

Lieutenant: Matsumoto Rangiku

With a mature charm that seems to hang in the air about her, she is
the most voluptuous and beautiful woman in the 13 Protection Divisions.
With such an open-minded personality, the shinigami who could resist
her... does not exist.

Personal Data
Birthdate: 29th September
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Zanpakutou: Haineko
Command to release: Growl, 'Haineko'
Interest: Afternoon naps
Speciality: Japanese dancing
Food: Loves dired persimmons. Hates bamboo shoots.
How to pass free time: Finding other unoccupied people and inviting them to drink with her. Window-shopping at clothing stores

Special Notes (Top Secret)
The reason she dislikes bamboo shoots is because she finds the taste
too strong, and the texture unpleasant. She likes Japanese dancing, and
in addition to her shihakushou robes, she enjoys specially ordering
clothing from stores, even though she already has plenty. To keep from
spending her money, when she feels like drinking, she finds free people
and invites them to come out with her, and then has them treat her to
drinks. Her drinking buddies are Shuuhei and Shunsui.

If you add it up and then divide it, you get it just right?! The perfect balance of power.
The operation of the 10th division is divided by the work-obsessed
captain and the lieutenant who cleverly pushes all her work onto him.
For some reason these two seem to get along well, and their soldiers
feel like they can approach them, so the division is kept in excellent

A rough combination as incompatible as oil and water.
Even outside of the work setting, these two are frequently together.
Yet their hobbies and preferences are completely opposite. Captain
Hitsugaya fixes a hungover Rangiku with a cold stare... because this
sort of thing is very common with her.

Childhood friends: Hitsugaya and Hinamori
Captain Hitsugaya and Lieutenant Hinamori are both originally from West
Rukongai's first district, Junrinan. When they were very young, they
were childhood friends and spent every day together, calling one
another "Bedwetter Momo" and "Shiro-chan". To this day, those bonds
remain unchanged and strong.

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PostSubject: Re: Gotei 13 Data   Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:13 pm

11th Division Captain: Zaraki Kenpachi

The demon blade that consumes all.

Personal Data
Birthdate: 19th Nov
Height: 202cm
Weight: 90kg
Squad flower: Yarrow (battle)
Colour of the underside of captain's robe: deep purple
Interest: afternoon napping
Specialty: sparring
Food: No particular likes. Dislikes nattou.
How to past free time: afternoon napping

Battle stats
Power: 100
Defense: 80
Mobility: 60
Kidou/Reiatsu: 0
Wisdom: 50
Stamina: 100

Possesses extremely high offensive power and stamina, but his kidou prowess ranks the lowest among all the captains.

Character description
Gathering ruffians who admire Captain Kenpachi, the 11th division is
more specialized than any of other squads in terms of combat. Though
this division may look like an unlawful organization at the first
glance, they are proud of their firm unity under Kenpachi's leadership.

"Which one is the strongest...?"
The moment when he thinks that he might meet someone who is his match
in battle is a moment of supreme bliss for Kenpachi. Fighting is his
entire life. Without that glamor, he doesn't really care about the
duties of being a captain.

The sword demon whose spirit burns up only for fights. Without having
to take entrance exams, he defeated the previous captain of the 11th
division to become its new captain.

Special Information (Top Secret)
Due to perspiration, it is a must for him to take a bath before turning
in to sleep. Hence, he washes his hair everyday. As he often washes his
hair with soap, his hair becomes stiff. However, he likes it personally
as it is easier for him to set his hair this way. In the past, he tried
a "hair treatment" introduced by Sasakibe Choujirou who went with him
to a common bathhouse. On the following day, his hair became silky and
no matter how hard he tried to set it, the spikes could not stand up
and it was a bitter experience. Currently, he would use only soap. At
the same time, this incident caused him to dislike Sasakibe a little.

Lieutenant: Kusajishi Yachiru

A girl who is just like Kenpachi, and became a lieutenant without
sitting for any examinations. From the day she and Kenpachi met, the
two of them have always been together.

Personal Data
Birthdate: 12th February
Height: 109 cm
Weight: 15.5 kg
Command to release:
Interest: Eating candy
Speciality: Sneaking
Food: Loves confetti candy. Hates nothing.
How to pass free time: Playing with the members of the Shinigami Women's Association

Special Notes (Top Secret)
The President of the Shinigami Women's Association. She has nothing to
do while Kenpachi takes his afternoon naps, so she wanders off to find
somewhere else to play. Her favorite place to go is the Kuchiki estate,
because it's big and clean. She holds the budget for the Shinigami
Women's Association, and likes spending it on things like candy and
toys. These treasures get hidden in an empty room in the Kuchiki
estate. Byakuya doesn't know.

The strongest of all 13 divisions!!
Since they regard combat as the ultimate law, the atmosphere of the
11th division attracts only stalwart men who live for battle. That's
why the 11th division sets the standard for combat for all the other

They love fighting more than three square meals a day! The men of the "Zaraki Division"
The warriors of the division nicknamed the "Zaraki Division" would want
to die in a flashy battle. Men like Iba and Abarai who go into other
divisions as lieutenants are very common, all of them having a greater
strength that was hidden by their official ranking in the 11th division.

Madarame Ikkaku, third seat
Birthday: 9th November
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Zanpakutou: Hoozukimaru
Phrase: Grow, Hoozukimaru

He's content to be the third seat, which is unusual considering the
extent of his strength. He can compete evenly with anyone of

Ayasegawa Yumichika, fifth seat
Birthday: 19th September
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Zanpakutou: Fuji Kujaku

He's the fifth seat because the number five resembles the number three. His strength is actually lieutenant-class.

Aramaki Makizou, other
A comical guy in the Zaraki Division. Yachiru calls him "Makimaki."

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PostSubject: Re: Gotei 13 Data   Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:14 pm

12th Division Captain: Kurotsuchi Mayuri

The wicked researcher

Personal Data
Birthdate: 30th Mar
Height: 174cm
Weight: 54kg
Zanpakutou: Ashisogijizou
Command to release: "Tear them, Ashisogijizou" or "kakimushire, Ashisogijizou"
Bankai: Konjiki Ashisogijizou
Squad flower: Japanese thistle (revenge, severity, independence)
Colour of the underside of captain's robe: dark greenish blue
Interest: experimenting
Speciality: human body experimentation
Food: Likes pike fish. Dislikes onion.
How to past free time: Read every line and character published in the Seireitei Communication

Battle stats
Power: 70
Defence: 70
Mobility: 40
Kidou/Reiatsu: 100
Wisdom: 100
Stamina: 50

Though his combat power is weak, his wisdom and kidou are outstanding. Very skilled in the arts of trickery.

Character description
The 12th division is the department of research and techonology
development, in which new technologies and new spiritual power
instruments are developed; the positions of both squad captain and
department head are held by Kurotsuchi Mayuri.

"I have no inclination to do anything that won't gain me research materials, do you understand?!"
Captain Kurotsuchi doesn't really care about anything that happens in
the Soul Society or with the 13 Protection Divisions, as he is entirely
devoted to finding new things to research or working on new
experiments. The only merit he saw in the ryoka invasion of the Soul
Society was the possibility of gaining new research materials. The
model of a researcher?!

This blood-thirsty person loves experimenting on human bodies above all
else and can sacrifice anything for the sake of research. The article
enjoyed by Captain Kurotsuchi is none other than this Seireitei

Special Information (Top Secret)

He removes his make-up before going to bed. In the serialized article
published in Seireitei Communication called, "Effective Medication for
the Brain", the actual steps on how to prepare the medicine and how the
experiments are carried out are reported in great detail. The
popularity of his articles are surprisingly high and fan letters that
say, "Though I don't have the ingredients and cannot make the medicine,
I enjoy reading every article that you've written", keep arriving.

Lieutenant: Kurotsuchi Nemu

The lieutenant, Kurotsuchi Nemu, is a false soul created by Captain
Kurotsuchi using gigai and gikon techniques. Because Captain
Kurotsuchi's blood flows through her veins, Nemu has the same hobbies
and habits as he does, and there are many points of similarity between
the two.

Personal Data
Birthdate: 30th March
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Command to release:
Interest: Experiments
Speciality: Experimenting on living specimens
Food: Loves pike fish. Hates onions.
How to pass free time: Reading the Seireitei News from cover to cover

Special Notes (Top Secret)
A candidate for the position of vice president Shinigami Women's
Association in the next election. At Yachiru's request, Nemu is the one
who created the secret hideout in the Kuchiki estate. Also, she knows
about a great number of mechanisms (like the one under the tatami
leading to a secret basement passage) that even Byakuya doesn't know

Shut up and follow me! The one-man dictatorship of the troops
In the 12th division, Kurotsuchi Mayuri, the captain, holds absolute
power. The division fears that those who express unwanted opinions
could be chemically altered without their knowledge into essentially
becoming human bombs. But of course, the key to long life is succeeding
in their missions without getting in the way.

A personalized expression of love
Captain Kurotsuchi himself claims that the lieutenant, Nemu, is "my
daughter," but the way he expresses his paternal love is extremely
unique. He planned her to be exactly like him, from her favorite foods
to her lifestyle to her birthday. Maybe Captain Kurotsuchi is also just
a little overzealous in expressing his love through discipline... The
puzzles grow deeper.

The extremes of body modification: Mayuri-sama's transformations
Of course, Captain Kurotsuchi doesn't stop with just modifying other
people; he's also experimented on his own body. This will introduce the
many magnificent and brilliant ways in which he has altered himself.
Look at these.

His arm can stretch out, grow back quickly, turn into liquid... There
are no limits to Captain Kurotsuchi's metamorphosis ability. We eagerly
anticipate his next developments!!

The Soul Society's top engineers: The Technical Development Department
Day and night, this spiritual research institution conducts
questionable experiments and creates countless new spirit tools and
armor. These men, led by the genius Kurotsuchi Mayuri, are an
assemblage of the top engineers from all over the Soul Society. Observe
a small part of their work!!

When a topic of curiosity arises, every member of the research staff
becomes fascinated by it above all else. This inexhaustible
inquisitiveness remains strong day after day, and these efforts lead to
the great advancements of tomorrow.

By rotating the handle on his temporal lobe, Hiyosu can make his
eyeball extend outwards. If it bumps into anything, it is extremely

Among the researchers, many have crossed over and become creatures not
quite resembling humans, but there is also the relatively
normal-looking Tsubokura Rin. However, his abilities are extremely poor.

The staff at a glance
The technological department's lab attracts a lot of mysterious
characters with a lot of personality. We've picked the nine most famous
staff members to introduce. An investigation is currently underway to
identify those staff members whose full names are unknown at present.

A second glance at Kurotsuchi Mayuri. The Technological Development Department's director. His favorite thing is experimenting on living people.

Akon. A leader-like figure within the development department. His horns are brown.

Hiyosu. A section head in the development department with an extending eyeball that tastes pretty good.

Tsubokura Rin. An underling in the development department who likes sweet things. Male.

Other staff members. Though their full names are still unknown,
from outward appearances, these five staff members leave quite an
impression. If you saw them in your dreams, you'd definitely be scared.

Their first duty: The development and study of new spirit tools.
The Technological Development Department's main responsibility is
research and development projects. For the shinigami in residence in
the physical world, they invented unbreakable equipment, such as
"gigai" and "soul candy", etc. Incidentally, Captain Zaraki's eyepatch
was also made by this department.

Their second duty: Spirit level measurements and communication.
In order to maintain the spiritual stability of the physical world,
someone must always be observing and monitoring the spirit levels
measuring tools, as well as handling the responsibility of
communication between the physical world and the Soul Society. It's a
big burden placed on the communications technology tools, and an
important duty for this department. When an emergency comes up things
get very hectic, but otherwise this person is basically just wasting

The staff underling Tsubokura Rin is the main operator of the
communication tools. But since nine times out of ten his mouth is full
of sticky candy, this can make people remarkably nervous.

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13th Division Captain: Ukitake Jyuushirou

Wrapped up in friendships.

Personal Data
Birthdate: 21st Dec
Height: 187cm
Weight: 72kg
Zanpakutou: Sougyou no Kotowari
Command to release: "O waves be my shield; O lightning be my sword,
Sougyou no Kotowari" or "Nami kotogotoku waga tate to nare, ikatsuchi
kotogotoku waga yaiba to nare, Sougyou no Kotowari"
Squad flower: snow drop (hope)
Colour of the underside of captain's robe: dark rose pink
Interest: bonsai
Speciality: making friends
Food: Likes ohagi (rice ball coated with sweetened red beans, soybean flour or sesame). No particular dislike.
How to past free time: twiddle with bonsai in the garden, feed carps in Ugendou's lake

Battle stats
Power: 90
Defence: 90
Mobility: 70
Kidou/Reiatsu: 100
Wisdom: 100
Stamina: 40

His illness causes him to be resting in Ugendou most of the time, one slight uncertainty for him will be his stamina.

Character description
Due to Captain Ukitake's personality, the camaraderie among the 13th
division members is strong. As there is no vice-captain, the two
third-seats are taking over the duties accordingly.

"I wish this calm could have lasted just a little longer..."
Ever since losing his lieutenant Kaien in a battle with a Hollow,
Captain Ukitake has tried to avoid conflict to the best of his ability.
But when his subordinate, Kuchiki Rukia, received the death sentence,
he took steps to prevent it. That's the kind of man Captain Ukitake is,
which is likely why the the 13th division has such a warm, supportive

The person in Gotei 13 squad who is characterized by his gentle and
sincere personality. When he sees the person who bears a similar name
as himself, i.e. Captain Hitsugaya, he would automatically shower him
with snacks.

Special Information (Top Secret)
Though his interest is in bonsai, the 0 artistic sense Ukitake has no
idea where and how to trim a bonsai plant. He serializes an action
adventure novel named, "Sougyou no Okotowari! (Rejection of the Twin
Fishes!)" is about the protagonist, Sougyou, fighting to save villagers
from evil. Sougyou's catch phrase is, "I will reject them!" and it is
immensely popular among kids in Seireitei. Though its publication has
paused before, once it makes an appearance again, the novel always
clinches a place among the top 3 in popularity rankings.

Lieutenant: Shiba Kaien

A handsome man who managed the 13th division in place of his sick
and bedridden captain. There's a rumor that one of the ryoka who
invaded Seireitei recently bore a great resemblance to him.

Personal Data
Birthdate: 27th October
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Zanpakutou: Nejibana
Command to release: Surge, divine waves, 'Nejibana'
Interest: Afternoon naps
Speciality: Making friends
Food: Loves Ohagi. Hates nothing.
How to pass free time: Keeping up with his subordinates' training. Returning to his family home in Rukongai.

Special Notes (Top Secret)
Back when the Shiba clan was still one of the five great noble
families, Kaien found a wounded boar piglet in the mountains in
Rukongai, and brought back Ganju's precious Bonnie-chan to be raised by
the family. Bonnie-chan's ribbon is a gift from Kaien. To this day she
still isn't as attached to Ganju because she loved Kaien so much. The
Shiba family's guardsmen, Koganehiko and Shiroganehiko, were in charge
of Kaien and Kuukaku's education when they were younger. After the
Shiba clan's decline, only these two servants remained behind to
continue working for the family.

His body is weak but his bonds are strong! The virtuous Captain Ukitake
Captain Ukitake's body has been weak ever since he was born. Kotetsu
and Kotsubaki, his third-seat officers, provide him with their utmost
support. These two care a little too intensely about their captain, and
often get into heated discussion about which one of them cares the most
for him. They're very good friends.

The substitute lieutenants: The two third-seats
Instead of having a lieutenant, these two undertake all those duties.
Only the 13th division has such an unusual hierarchy. But for whatever
reason, these two are a pretty famous combination.

Kotsubaki Sentarou, third seat
Birthday: 22nd September
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 75 kg

Wherever he is, you can find him easily, because he has a very loud
voice. Despite his grim-set features and rude way of speaking, he's a
passionate and friendly man. He's determined not to lose to Kiyone in
the battle for Captain Ukitake's respect.

Kotetsu Kiyone, third seat
Birthday: 22nd September
Height: 154 cm
Weight: 43 kg

The younger sister of the 4th division lieutenant, Kotetsu Isane. She's
as dramatic a contrast to her tall sister as a knife to a sword. She's
absolutely determined not to lose to Sentarou in the battle for Captain
Ukitake's respect.

Kuchiki Rukia, soldier

Although she's just an ordinary soldier with no official rank, in
fact, she is a young woman of character who possesses the power of a
higher-ranking officer. Her brother-in-law Kuchiki Byakuya's influence
is behind this unusual circumstance. Abarai Renji of the 6th division
is her childhood friend.

Birthday: 14th January
Height: 144 cm
Weight: 33 kg
Zanpakutou: Sode no Shirayuki
Command to release: Dance, 'Sode no Shirayuki'
Interest: Climbing up to tall places
Food: Loves cucumber with rice dumplings. Hates nothing.

The 13th division's mystery: The absence of a lieutenant
The 13th division is the only division with an empty lieutenant's seat.
The funeral rites for the previous lieutenant, Kaien, continue to this
day-- They lost so much.

A person who can never be replaced
After a Hollow killed his wife, Kaien swore to avenge her, but instead
the Hollow possessed his own body. Rukia witnessed this, although she
wasn't supposed to be there, and Kaien threw himself upon her sword. He
murmured to her, "Thank you. Thanks to you, I can leave my heart
here..." and then died -- but he left behind deep scars that have never

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Gotei 13 Data

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Woah WTF!!!! it took u like 4EVER TO DO THAT CRAP
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Gotei 13 Data
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